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"What Is Mobile Forensics?"

The use of mobile devices in criminal & civil matters is widely recognized. 

A proliferation of phones (particularly smartphones) on the consumer market has caused a demand for forensic examination of the devices, which cannot be met by existing computer forensics techniques.

The memory type, custom interface and proprietary nature of mobile devices require a different forensic process compared to computer forensics.  Each device often has to have custom extraction techniques used on it.  Mobile devices are used to save several types of personal information such as contacts, photos, calendars and notes.  Facebook, Twitter and other social networking data is also present.

We are able to recovery data from over 10,000 different mobile devices!



With the increased availability of such devices on the consumer market and the wider array of communication platforms they support, (e.g. email, web browsing) demand for forensic examination is becoming a necessity.

In comparison to computer forensics, law enforcement are much more likely to encounter a suspect with a mobile device in his possession and so the growth of demand for analysis of mobile devices has increased exponentially in the last decade.


Types of evidence:

As mobile device technology advances, the amount and types of data that can be found on a mobile device is constantly increasing. Evidence that can be potentially recovered by technicians from a mobile phone may come from several different sources, including the SIM card, handset and attached memory cards.

Our mobile phone forensics team can recover SMS and MMS messaging, as well as call logs, contact lists and phone IMEI/ESN information.  Newer generations of smart phones also include wider varieties of information; from web browsing, wireless network settings, e-mail and other forms of rich internet media, including important data now retained on smartphone 'apps'.

There is an overwhelming abuse of texting, photos, etc. in social media which can be helpful in litigation.

Our Mobile Extraction personnel are CERTIFIED!


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